Brahmani Hindu temple, dedicated to Goddess Chamunda, Baleswar of Odisha state – a protected monument


Humane nature is a casualty when superstition overtakes rationality and common sense. 

A septuagenarian priest in May this year, it is reported in the media,  allegedly hacked a 52-year-old man to death  on the temple premises in Odisha’s Cuttack district, claiming that he “performed a human sacrifice to end the COVID-19 pandemic”,  police said.  This gory incident took place in the Brahmani Devi temple in Bandhahuda village in the Narasinghpur police station. Local people,  however, claimed that the priest  Ojha   had a long-standing dispute with one Pradhan (the victim) over a mango orchard in the  village. On the temple premises, they had heated arguments  over the orchard. The priest, despite his old age and the post he held ,  took revenge on the man under the pretext of getting instruction from the  goddess for Narabali (human sacrifice). The police  are investigating this case. 

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