Humans of the Future – Avalokanam

This is an age where you hear many talking about the Earth getting destroyed, about humans having to migrate to another planet. There are those who believe it possible and those who think otherwise. The answer to which of these is true can be known for sure only by humans of the future.

How will a future in which humans (perhaps along with some other species) successfully travel to another planet and make it their new home be like? Since it is anybody’s guess, it is mine as well.

In that future, let us say we are forced to leave Earth because it can no longer support life, and somehow make it to another planet that can. Also, supposing that we hold ourselves responsible for the fate of our home planet, we will be carrying with us the memories of this world and an overwhelming sense of guilt that might define the course we set from then on.

The last thing we would want is for that new planet to meet the same fate as the one we would have left behind. If we consider technological progress and disdain for nature and environment as having led to the destruction of our old home, we might want to make a fresh start – one in which we care for the world that sustains us.

To start with, we may decide to seal away the technology that was supposed to improve the quality of our lives but ended up poisoning it. We may decide that future generations should live one with nature. We may begin to treat the life-givers in nature as divine and worthy of respect – the Sun, moon(s), rivers, seas, fertile lands, trees, earthworms, bees, cows and birds. They may be revered as Gods.

Over time, those who have seen or used our modern technology will die and those who know of it will be no more. The memories brought to this planet will live on and evolve as stories of lost cities with buildings that reached up to the clouds, vehicles that soared into the sky and beyond, weapons that could annihilate entire cities.

After many more generations, people will start questioning the wisdom of their ancestors. They will wonder why they should worship nature when they can control it, why they should fear technology when we can use it to make lives easier and better. They will dismiss the legends of a glorious civilization from thousands of years before as a myth because the oldest fossils and geological records would clearly indicate that humans have been around for only a much shorter period of time.

Science and technology will progress, civilization will flourish and humans will achieve impossible technological feats such as making artificial moons or traveling to distant planets. By then, it might be too late to realize that they have already laid waste to the planet that their ancestors revered as a life-giving mother. That would be the next turning point in the future of humans.

Or, will it complete the loop back into our present?

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