17 Funniest Big Ed Moments From 90 Day Fiancé

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Because no other storylines matter this season.


When he told us that he’s 54, but his love interest, Rose, is 23…And his daughter is 29.


When he said his scalp was irritated from dyeing his hair — so that he’d look younger for Rose — and he used mayonnaise to condition it.


When he informed us that he’d only been chatting online with Rose for three months, but had sent her $5,000 worth of gifts in that time.


When he put his dog, Teddy, in this bad boy while riding on a scooter (and touted on Instagram that Taylor Swift has the same carrier).


When he admitted that he lied to Rose and said he was 5’2, even though he’s actually 4’11.


When he met Rose for the first time in the airport in the Philippines and she said, “You’re short to me.”


When he took Rose shopping at a local market, but insisted on leaving because Rose kept grabbing money from his wallet and he was overheated (see sweaty shirt below).


When he asked Rose to get an STI test so that he could feel comfortable sleeping with her.


When he asked Rose if he could “halik” her. Halik means kiss in Tagalog or Filipino.


When Rose said Ed’s beard hurt her, and he told her he’d shave it if she shaved her legs.


When he asked Rose’s dad if he was okay with their relationship, even though Ed is one year older than him.


When he took a shower with Rose’s dad while she hosed them both down.


And he was VERY uncomfortable.


When he visited Rose’s father’s pig farm and attempted to feed the pigs with plastic bags tied around his Nikes to keep them clean.


When he was terrified after a monkey stole his banana, and this was Rose’s reaction:


When he bought Rose a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash because he thought her breath smelled bad.


And when she told him it was because of an ulcer, he told her he loved her and she responded with, “You’re ugly,” in Tagalog or Filipino.

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