BTS member V once again ATTRACTS non K pop fans after ARMY recommends Singularity: OMG, I’m about to stan BTS

BTS member V, who is known as the ‘Ultimate Stan Attractor’ of the K-pop industry, is going viral once again as non K-pop fans are falling for his insane vocal talent with his chart-topping solo track, Singularity. Check out their tweets for Taehyung below.

After an ARMY member recommended V's solo song, Singularity, non K-pop fans went feral on Twitter.After an ARMY member recommended V’s solo song, Singularity, non K-pop fans went feral on Twitter.

K-pop stans showed the world why they’re such a loyal, hardworking fanbase with their recent gesture on Twitter to help smoothen the process of the Black Lives Matter movement. With Twitter hashtags like #BlueLivesMatter and #WhiteLivesMatter trying to steer the wheel to different propaganda, K-pop stans flooded these hashtags with fan cams of their idols and hence proved a worthwhile point. During this process, BTS member V became a viral sensation within the non K-pop fans, once again.

When the K-pop stans were asked to recommend a song from the genre that everyone would be addicted to, one ARMY member @Ietterforv suggested Taehyung’s chart-topping solo track, Singularity, from Love Yourself: Tear. Immediately, non K-pop fans went gaga after the song asking about it and going feral over TaeTae for his insane vocal skills and charming personality. Twitter was flooded with messages about the 24-year-old singer and Singularity. Not that we blame them in the least!

Check out how non K-pop fans reacted to V’s solo track, Singularity, below:

We bow down to you, King V!

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The sudden attention that V is receiving is nothing new for the BTS member who is referred to as the ‘Ultimate Stan Attractor’ of the K-pop industry by K-media and netizens. This also isn’t the first time that Singularity caught attention as last month too many came across the song and were surprised by how talented the singer is.

Amidst the non K-pop fans, over the years, V has been trending worldwide for being ‘The Guy Next to Ariana’ during the Grammys 2020 rehearsals, ‘The Guy with the Long Black Coat’ during BTS’ New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square, New York, ‘The Guy with the Curly Hair’ at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, ‘The Guy with the Blue Hair’ during BTS’ appearance on Saturday Night Live, ‘The Guy with the Mint Green Hair’ at Grammys 2019, ‘The Guy with the Green Mike’ during BTS’ Speak Yourself Saudi Arabia concert and ‘Yellow Shirt Sensation’ at Music Day in Japan.

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