Which Actors Sang And Didn’t Sing In Films?

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This is much harder than you think.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the tricks and lies their favorite actors pulled on them. Below are 13 famous actors. Some of them did all of their singing in movies, and others tricked you by lip-synching. Can you tell the difference? Good luck.

  1. It’s true! Bradley Cooper directed the movie, produced it, starred in it, co-wrote it, co-wrote some of the songs, and even did his own singing. Phew!

  2. Amy Adams revealed that she listened to a lotttttt of Disney princess songs so she could get a feeling for the tone in their voices: “So the music continues to evolve [throughout the film], and I did pay a lot of attention to that. That was part of what I trained to do, to try to sing in that sort of operetta style, then also doing a more Broadway style.”

  3. Most of the vocals were just old tapes of Freddie Mercury, in addition to some recordings from Canadian Christian rock singer Marc Martel.

  4. Reese Witherspoon spent six months training with voice coaches so she could learn how to sing, play an instrument, and record an album. She ultimately took home the Best Actress Oscar for this performance.

  5. The producers and directors assumed George Clooney would be a good singer because his aunt was the legendary Rosemary Clooney. They had him record one song and immediately realized they needed to hire someone else (Dan Tyminski) to provide the vocals.

  6. Andrea Robinson provided the singing voice for Sister Mary Robert in both Sister Act movies.

  7. Most of Zac’s vocals were supplied by Drew Selley in the first High School Musical movie, but he fought to get his actual singing voice included in the sequels, and it ultimately was.

  8. Loren Allred, who was a contestant on the US version of The Voice, actually provided the character’s vocals for the film.

  9. Audrey Hepburn was actually really disappointed that the studio didn’t use her voice for the film. The real vocals were supplied by Marni Nixon.

  10. Jamie Foxx is actually a great singer (he’s been nominated for nine Grammys and even won one), but he lip-synched to vintage Ray Charles studio recordings for the movie Ray.

  11. Natalie Wood filmed everything, but the studio said that her voice wasn’t good enough and would be replaced by Marni Nixon’s. Wood apparently stormed out of the studio, fuming.

  12. Zellweger worked with legendary vocal coach Gary Catona to get her voice even stronger for the movie: “The trick was not impersonating Judy Garland, but bringing something of her own alchemy to it, which I feel she succeeded in doing, while remaining true to the character and making it come alive.” Zellweger ultimately won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance.

  13. Director Gil Junger reminisced about shooting that iconic bleacher scene, saying how impressed he was with Ledger: “He was running take after take, up and down those steps. I was actually very surprised at Heath’s athleticism while singing because, yes, that was him singing. Like, of course he could freaking sing too, right? He could wear green leather pants and sing!”

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