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15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget

15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: Country Living

Gardening can be a rewarding experience that produces beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables, but it can get expensive if you’re not careful. There are ways to cut back on spending though, and today we’re sharing 15 of our favorites. Keep reading to check out lots of clever tips that will keep your green thumb and your wallet happy.   


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: The Garden Glove

1. Share with a friend. Go to the local nursery with a buddy and split seeds, 6-packs, etc. with them so that you have a nice variety for half the price. Check out The Garden Glove for lots more great ideas.

2. Ask a neighbor if you can split their hostas with them. Once hostas are large enough, they can be dug up, split, and then replanted.

3. Regrow vegetables from scraps. Many vegetables, such as celery and scallions, will regrow by placing the bottoms of the stalks in water and then planting them in the ground once they grow roots.


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: Almanac

4. Choose things that spread. Mint is a great example of a plant that spreads like crazy, so give it a try for areas that you’d like to quickly fill with greenery.

5. Focus on perennials. Perennials will come back every year, making them a more budget savvy choice. Sure you’ll make a larger investment the first year, but very little every year after.


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: Veggie Gardener

6. Trade yard waste for compost. Some towns will take your yard waste in exchange for compost that they cycle through each year. Or you could start your own compost pile! Learn more at the Veggie Gardener.

7. Make a rain barrel. To save money on your water bill, collect rainwater in a rain barrel and use it to water the garden.


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: Country Living

8. Grow from seeds. This requires more patience than the instant gratification of buying seedlings or plants, but it will ultimately save you tons of money. Get more tips over at Country Living.

9. Buy pots and other supplies at Goodwill. Thrift stores usually have planters and other tools at deeply reduced prices. It’s worth a try!

10. Use existing natural elements to your advantage. Have rocky soil? Collect those rocks and make a border for your garden out of them. Or chop up that fallen tree and turn it into the sides for a raised vegetable garden.


Photo: Mother Earth News

11. Go organic. Skip the pesticides and chemicals… it’ll save you money and keep you healthier. Check out more handy tips at Mother Earth News.

12. Grow plants that seed themselves. Some annuals will drop their seeds after they’ve bloomed, and those seeds will germinate in the spring. Some examples include poppies, cosmos and black eyed susans.

13. Check out Craigslist. Scroll through the Farm and Garden section for tools and materials, and take a look at the Free section too. You never know what you might find!


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
Photo: My Stay At Home Adventures

14. Scour your area for sales and coupons. Local plant sales will often have great deals, and you can sometimes find coupons for your nursery in the paper. Find more helpful tips over at My Stay At Home Adventures.

15. Set a budget when you go to the nursery. Be sure to set a specific budget for your trip to the nursery. It’s easy to go crazy and buy every pretty plant you see, but your wallet won’t be happy. Create a plan before you go, and stick to it.


15 Clever Tips For Gardening On A Budget
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