‘Disc-like UFO’ spotted over skies of Leeds during full moon

Phil Sinclair, 32, took photographs of what he believes was a ‘typical UFO’ hovering over Belle Isle on Friday evening.

Phil told the Yorkshire Evening Post that there were ‘no clouds in the sky’.

He said: “At 12am I noticed how beautiful the full moon was.

The UFO was spotted over the skies of Belle Isle by Phil Sinclair cc Phil Sinclair Copyright: other

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“I decided to take a photo.

“After taking the picture, I noticed a disc like object under the moon.

“I zoomed into the photo to see the object which looked like a typical UFO.”

Phil said he did not use flash to take the photographs.

The UFO was spotted over the skies of Belle Isle by Phil Sinclair cc Phil Sinclair Copyright: other

He added: “As you can see from how clear the moon was that there was no clouds in the sky, so if this was some kind of Unidentified Flying Object, it would be seen clearly.

“The photo wasn’t taken with the flash.

“I’m usually sceptical about these kind of things but the photo is really compelling.

“I’ve posted the photo on Facebook and it has caused quite a buzz.”

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