Arvind Kejriwal says We’re 4 Steps Ahead Of Coronavirus, Can’t Have Lockdown Permanently

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kerjiwal addressed a video conference this afternoon.

New Delhi:

Delhi can’t have a permanent lockdown, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said this afternoon as he agreed in the same breath that the national capital, which has the third highest number of COVID-19 cases in India, has seen a huge jump in the number of new patients.

“We agree that the city has seen a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases. But we should not panic. The situation in Delhi would be worrying for me in two scenarios – if the number of deaths increase and if there’s a shortage of hospital beds,” the Chief Minister said today during a video conference. 

“A permanent lockdown is no solution. Life has to carry on with coronavirus with all the precautions,” the Chief Minister further said, stressing that the national capital “is four steps ahead of coronavirus”.


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