Border stand-off: Differences should not overshadow our relations, says Chinese envoy | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid the standoff between Indian and Chinese troops at the Ladakh border, Chinese envoy to India Sun Weidong on Wednesday said the two countries pose no threat to each other and the differences should not overshadow relations.
China had earlier said that the situation at the border with India is “overall stable and controllable,” and both the countries have proper mechanisms and communication channels to resolve the issues through a dialogue and consultation.
“China and India are fighting together against the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have an important task to consolidate relations. Our youth should realise the relation between China and India, and the fact that the two countries are opportunities for each other and pose no threat,” Sun Weidong said.
He added that the realization of “dragon and elephant dancing together” is the only right choice for China and India, which serves the fundamental interests of the two countries.
The Chinese envoy further said that the differences should be resolved through communication.
“We should never let differences overshadow the overall development of our relations but resolve them through communication,” he said.
Several areas along the LAC in Ladakh and North Sikkim have witnessed major military build-up by both the Indian and Chinese armies recently, in a clear signal of escalating tension and hardening of respective positions by the two sides even two weeks after they were engaged in two separate face-offs.
The nearly 3,500-km-long LAC is the de-facto border between the two countries.
India has said the Chinese military was hindering normal patrolling by its troops along the LAC in Ladakh and Sikkim and strongly refuted Beijing’s contention that the escalating tension between the two armies was triggered by trespassing of Indian forces across the Chinese side.

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