Coimbatore to Katpadi | Passenger Trains Restart In India

With passenger trains having restarted across the country, what’s it like to travel inter and intra-state? Watch this Firstpost exclusive to find out.

As Unlock 1.0 aka Lockdown 5.0 commences, the Railways have issued a strict set of protocol to maintain social distancing and safe travel for all passengers.

From registering for an e-pass to physical distancing in the train and thermal scanning while exiting the station, it’s a relatively well chalked out process.

Additionally, all passengers are required to wear masks and carry sanitizers, with only asymptomatic passengers being allowed to board the train.

However, are all COVID 19 rules being followed across the board?

As Greeshma from Firstpost travels from Coimbatore to Katpadi, she documents what India’s new travel norms are.

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