Pak FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi makes a faux pas in an attempt to attack PM Modi – Indian Defence Research Wing


Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s attempts to slam Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a practitioner of supremacist ideology came undone when he made a faux pas and had to delete his Twitter post. “Pakistan has consistently appealed to @UN and @OIC_OCI to condemn Modi’s Dravidian ideology with relentless Islamophobia & violence/regional instability perpetuated. We also welcome @antonioguterres agreement on need to counter Islamophobia and OIC-IPHRC’s earlier censure,” Qureshi said in a Twitter post.

“Dravidian” is generally used to refer to people from southern India mainly from Tamil Nadu state as well as some parts of Southeast Asia and also Sri Lanka according to various accounts. Modi hails from Gujarat in western India adjoining Pakistan.

Within minutes of the post, Qureshi was trolled by Twitter users.

“It seems that the FM of Pakistan & whoever tweets for him has no clue about Indian history or racial origins. Attributing ‘Dravidian supremacist ideology’ to predominantly Aryan north Indians is even worse than claiming Turkic origins for Pakistan,” said Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani.

“It is sad to see such stupid people at the helm…IK, SMQ, CFHC, SK…the list continues. Even the Military establishment of Pakistan is looking like fools to have put these jokers in power,” said a Twitter user Anwesh Bose who identified himself as CEO of Whisper Media.

“Educated & Intellectual – real minority of Pakistan,” said Sanjeev Bishnoi, whose Twitter profile identified him as a “common man in search of the best in nature, society and humans. A perennial student. A minimalist.”

Former National Security Council Secretariat member Tara Kartha in a post said: “Tamilian language is far older than Hindi. And yes, they would probably be insulted. !!!! SMQ seems to have lost the thread of his tirade.”

“Thnx to Imran Khan & his Sancho panzas for our daily dose of laughter. Special mention- Gen Asif Gafoor. But Imran gets the crown. He declared Italy & Japan as neighbours. 1947 a bliss for Indians. We threw out the crap – lock, stock and barrel. But Haqqani sir is an exception,” said another post by Indian Twitter user Sandeep Yash.

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