YouTube Select Is The Platform’s New Way For Running Ads On Top Videos

YouTube has introduced a new service for advertisers to buy ads on the video streaming platform which is meant to replace Google Preferred. Youtube Select will be “a reimagination and unification of solutions like Google Preferred and prime packs.”

According to the blog announcement, with YouTube Select, advertisers will have access to the same libraries of videos known as ‘lineups’, which are also available in Google Preferred. These lineups are region-dependent and classified based on topics like beauty & fashion, entertainment, technology, sports, gaming, music, among many others.

Additionally, there are even special lineups dedicated to catering to the needs of advertisers preferences. The changes are to help advertisers to better select the “right content” for their brand.

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YouTube Select focuses on advertising content being streamed on TVs with the new dedicated lineup called Streaming TV that includes reaching viewers on YouTube as well as Youtube TV. It is “a single, scalable offering on the big screen across the best content, including popular creators, YouTube Originals, live sports, feature-length movies, timely news and more.”

There is also an ‘emerging lineup’ that would feature “up and coming or niche channels”. Advertisers can also choose to display ads on other YouTube platforms like YouTube Kids, Sports, Music and Originals with sponsorships and programs. They even have access to brand suitability controls and even the ability to select whether ads appear on content that is deemed brand-safe by machines and humans.

With YouTube Select, the platform is expanding the ways advertisers can buy ads by offering lineups via “Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and reservation” in countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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