Data on demand: Dynamic architecture for a high-speed age

The amount of data generated by businesses today has reached unprecedented levels following successive waves of digitalization across products, services, operations, and supply chains, and as a result of ubiquitous cloud computing technology. Data volumes are set to increase further still, as 5G leads to exponential growth in connectivity and makes largescale IoT deployments a reality. Yet harnessing and extracting value from data is what the World Economic Forum refers to as the next “digital frontier,” an ongoing challenge for organizations worldwide. Having the right architecture to store, structure, and analyze data is a critical foundation for higher levels of capability—using it to develop new products and services, solve business problems, and deliver value to internal and external customers. 

This report explores how chief data officers and heads of data and analytics at leading organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia are building data infrastructures, services, and use cases that drive business value. It examines the tensions and trade-offs in different architectures and approaches, and the goals that data executives have for delivering “data as a service” in the years ahead. The key findings are as follows: 

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