Facebook issues $100Ok challenge to build an AI that can identify hateful memes

Memes are now an integral part of how people communicate on the internet. While a lot of these memes have an ability to cheer you up, a lot of them are hateful and discriminatory.

At the same time, AI models that are trained primarily with text to detect hate speech, struggle to identify hateful memes. So, Facebook is throwing a new $100,000 challenge to developers to create models that can recognize hateful images and memes.

As a part of the challenge, Facebook said it’ll provide developers with a dataset of 10,000 ‘hateful’ images licensed from Getty Images:

We worked with trained third-party annotators to create new memes similar to existing ones that had been shared on social media sites. The annotators used Getty Images’ collection of stock images to replace the original visuals while still preserving the semantic content. 

In a blog post, the company explained that creating an AI model to detect hateful memes is a multimodal problem. The model has to look at the text, look at the image, and then look at the context of how they’re used in conjunction. Facebook said that annotators have ensured that examples in the dataset create a multimodal problem for the AI to solve. So, some of the existing models for text or image detection might not work out of the box.