Do Vaccinations Have Any Side Effects ?

What are the Side-Effects Of Vaccination /

Vaccination / Immunization is
said to have couple of well recognized and acknowledged immediate side effects.
Some of these side effects are

  • Pain,
    swelling, redness at the point of injection
  • Mild fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Headache
  • Muscle

The above mentioned side effects of Immunization are mild
and temporary. They go away with in 2-3 days of the injection being

Does Vaccination / Immunization Have Long Term
Side Effects

There has been a long standing
debate over whether vaccination / immunization has any permanent side effects.
And that these are never talked about or discussed with the public before
administering vaccination.

Through the last century vaccinations have proven to be a boon for developing economies as they have turned many life threatening diseases into distant memories. Yet, time and again there have been questions raised about the safety of vaccinations and them leaving some long terms side effects on a person.

Vaccination Side Effects

Vaccination Myth 1 – Vaccination Causes Autism

The most talked about allegation about
the long term side effects of Vaccination is that it causes autism. The
allegation further says that a certain essential vaccination contains
thimerosal , a mercury based component which puts kids at a risk of autism.

Myth Buster

In 2004 a scientific
by an official lab researching medicine, concluded that “the
evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between
thimerosal–containing vaccines and autism”. This basically means that there is
no evidence that the autism in a child was caused due to a certain vaccination.

Medicinal Science like all fields
of research is evolving at a fast pace. The medicinal developments during the
90s in the last century have come up with vaccinations that have only trace
amounts of Thimerosal.

Research further established that
only 0.02% of kids immunized with vaccinations containing Thimerosal
traces  reported autism cases. The other
variables (known to cause autism) involved in these cases  made it clear that autism may not be
attributed only to the vaccination.

Vaccination Myth 2 – Vaccination Causes SIDS
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Myth Buster

Research has not been able to
establish any causal relationship between immunization and sudden infant
death.  The number of cases of SIDS at
the time of immunization clearly indicates that the infants who suffered from
SIDS would have done so even in the absence of a vaccination.

Vaccination Myth 3 – Vaccination Is partly
responsible for increase in Cancer incidences

Myth Buster

Vaccination does not cause cancer. On the contrary, virus
against human papillomavirus (HPV) is known to prevent several types of
cancers. These include cervical, anal, penile and oropharyngeal cancer. The
global increase in cancer cases should instead be attributed to severe lifestyle
changes, longer life spans and better diagnostic processes.

Myth  4 – Vaccinated children experience
more allergic, autoimmune and respiratorydiseases compared to unvaccinated

Vaccinations are meant to induce
antigens in our bodies to enable them to become immune to disease causing
viruses and bacteria. They do not work in the adverse direction causing
trouble. Research has not been able to establish any such claim.

Vaccination Side Effects


Vaccinations are safe and
beneficial for the immune system. They induce antigens making the immunity of a
person capable of fighting several diseases. What you do need to take care of
is that consult with your pediatrician for choosing on the most comprehensive
vaccination for your kid.

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