Summer Crush

Slow down a minute, my friend, and ponder with me in colour.

Summer Crush


I have a crush on summer. It is a mirage, distant and glistening, its horizons wide with possibility, its colours fresh and pure. In this dream-summer there is youth, brazen and playful. There is water, light and air.

Summer is full of motion. Flocks of birds, fish and people make their peculiar dance under the warming sun. Into this motion colours pour, swirl and clash. Building energy. Inciting awe.

The colours of summer are many, because summer is a time for journeys. Wanderlust pulls us along, out to new places, beyond our comfort zone. There should be freedom. There must be freedom! To play and make mistakes, coming round again, at long last, to home.

Yes, in my dream-summer there is freedom to explore… and freedom to rest. And, the sun shines upon us and the sand is clean and the water clear and all is right with the world.

In this hemisphere summer is just coming round the horizon, quite far off, but beckoning still. The days are growing longer, and the heat presses on. Would you like to dream a little dream with me of a summer crush?


Summer Crush

Summer Crush

Summer Crush

Summer Crush

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