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When I registered for
AtoZchallenge with #BlogchatterA2Z in the first week of March, I wasn’t sure about
the theme I would write about. As a parenting blogger, I had written a set short
stories relating to parenting emotions in 2018. In 2019, I read 26 book on the
parenting theme, both fiction and non-fiction  an reviewed them through the month of

This year I wanted to do
something different from parenting. But what? And them I stumbled upon the
manuscript folder that one of my husband’s family friend and neighbor had given
to me a couple of months ago. He had wanted me to go through it and see if it
was worth any work further.

I had partially read the manuscript
earlier this year and forgot about it when I got busy amongst other things work
and non-work. And now when I sat with it with a marker in my hands, I realised
that it was an uphill task. The language by Dr. Sagar was a little dated. I don’t
blame him though, he is almost 70 years old and he had written in a language
that was befitting to the colonial era. Also he being a technical writer (he is
a PHd holder) his flow of writing was also a little dated.

I sought permission from him to
work on his manuscript, edit it or even re-write it keeping intact the crux of every
chapter. It was an uphill task. And everyday during the later half of March and
throughout April, I have had palpitations before I sat down with my laptop to
type out the edited / re-written chapters.

Writing about self-help,
philosophy and spirituality all in one series of thematic posts is no easy
feat. I struggled every day of the month raking my head and cursing myself for
picking up this theme. After all, I am a menial vices laden human being. And
this theme talked about personal transformation. A thought level and behavioral
transformation that could lead one to the path of happiness.  Imagine the travesty!

Yet, I decided to persevere. Not
for myself. But as a mark of respect for MR. Sagar who is an extremely
inspiring personality who preaches and practices woman empowerment in every
sphere of his life. He believes in the motto – Live And Let Live and at this
age too, is more active and fit than any one of us in our supposed mid-life.

But completing this challenge isn’t
the end. The end game is to now fine tune these posts further and convert them
into an ebook. Yes! I am participating in the Blogchatter ebook Carnival with my
posts done in AtoZChallenge this year.

This will be my gift to Dr.
Sagar, who we lovingly call Sagar uncle.

But it’s still a long way to go
before I can send this book out to the Blogchatter team.

Things to Keep In mind When Submitting Your
Ebook for BlogchatterEbookCarnival

Before Submitting the Ebook to Blogchatter Team

Edit Your Book once, twice, thrice and as many
times as it takes. See if this is something that you would read if someone else
gave this book to you to read. And then re-edit again.
Proof Read as many number of times. Once you are
done editing and have the structure and flow of your book in place. Proof read
it for spellings, punctuation, indentation etc. I always use MS word for this
purpose. But if you have Grammarly or any other similar tools, do not shy away
from using it.
Add the following addendums to your main
Book Blurb – it will give your potential readers
to know what your book is about.
About Author – I am sure you want to claim this
moment of fame by telling the world about yourself
Foreword – If you wish to layout a background to
why you wrote this book and about your writing process, make use of this
Table of Contents – This is often not that
important incase of fiction, but when you have a chapter layout in a non-fiction
book, table of contents makes it easy for the readers to navigate if they wish
to jump chapters.
Copyright – This will ensure that your work is not
reproduced without your permission.
Save your final document in the PDF format. For
ebooks, I always convert the page layout to 8×5 portrait size, with font Times
Now Roman and size 11 or more. Then save your work into pdf format. This size of
the page layout and the font is closer to a physical book page size and is easy
on the eyes.
The blogchatter team will ask you to submit a
book blurb and author introduction within 50 words limit each. Spend some time
working on it. This will you’re your first point impression with your potential

After Submitting the Ebook to Blogchatter Team

The blogchatter team does a lot of background work
to list your book on their website and reach out to their community to market
your book. Follow their activities and take active part in the community
Work on your own marketing strategy alongside.
Create book reading videos, short book trailer etc. and spread the word around
to your friends and family.
Use your social media channels wisely and
extensively to market your book.
Read the two books among the other listed books and
And relax while others read your book and send
some reviews your way.

In 2018 I had read many books from among the listed books in
the Blogchatter ebook carnival, but reviewed four of my favorite books

I hope you find these tips useful, when you work on your
ebook for the impending #Blogchatterebookcarnival. I will meet you there too.
Along with my own ebook. Oops! Not mine.  

Incase you have any further doubts or questions regarding ho
to go about your ebook submission, do not hesitate to leave your query in
comments section here. Or reach out to me on my twitter handle  @Anupriya_Guptaa

Also, watch out this space for the cover reveal of the ebook
that will culminate from my AtoZchallenge posts.

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