The Naked Truth About Denim ~ I Think In Blue

I see them in the templates of denim ~

my profoundest expressions

lingering creativity in my heart

the simplistic sensation of

experiencing style and staying comfortable.


The Naked Truth About Denim ~ I Think In Blue: It is a fabric that remains perennially young and trendy irrespective of seasons and it goes without saying, I love denim ~ its texture, and unisex appeal that transcends the barriers of classes and places, and makes its own style statement!

Yes, denim is a leveller and that suits me down to the ground. You see, I don’t choose to stand out so it’s quite strange to have ended up as an influencer, sharing my personal style on a regular basis. People usually have a standard way of perceiving us ~ that element of brashness and intensity associated with blogging, and that bloggers crave attention and can be self-centred or self obsessed in many ways ~ does not resonate with my personality {of being elegant and soft spoken}, and I’ve met many others who wouldn’t subscribe to that description either.



The Naked Truth About Denim ~ I Think In Blue: My sense of style has always been classy and sublime, and I make sure the clothes I wear are simple with subtle details; it’s what I feel most comfortable in. So while I wouldn’t describe myself as glamorous, and although I prefer to stay with natural tones of makeup, and a hairstyle that is devoid of hair spray and too much styling ~ it doesn’t mean that I don’t dress up when the occasion requires me to or that I don’t wear embellished garments. But it’s just that my style quotient is not the same as others. That said ~ I am averse to following dress codes because I think they rob you from the freedom of choice to wear what you want to and like to wear, and they more often than not make me feel more conspicuous.

I need to feel comfortable in what I wear and that stretches not only to the physical plane but also to my emotional plane. My style is of course an evolution and has changed over time, but along my style journey I have discovered that it’s easy to wear your style with confidence once you discover your comfort zone. I, of course, am a different person now compared to when I started my blog four years ago, and my preference of being a style and lifestyle influencer who shares her sartorial choices on a regular basis has helped me discover that hidden side to me. At the moment, I am in a good space where I am at peace with the fact that I know what makes me feel comfortable and confident. 🙂



The Naked Truth About Denim ~ I Think In Blue: As a great lover of styles that are classic and timeless {read ‘quality wardrobe investments’}, I find great satisfaction when it comes to ‘upping’ and experimenting so that my ordinary looks extraordinary ~ perhaps adding in a detail that changes things up, say with the help of statement earrings, a luxury watch, or a pop of colour on my lips. Haha! I have set my eyes on this one red lipstick from MAC that I am quite sure I can carry off without drawing too much of attention to my lips than to my overall personality.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with trying something new sometimes. Stay tuned for more style staples not oft done and {every now and again} something a little bit different.


The Naked Truth About Denim ~ I Think In Blue


What’s your take?  How do you do denim?

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