The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Relativity In Human Nature

Truth Of Relativity

from birth every individual develops their own unique understanding of self and
the world around. In the process each is influenced by desires, greed, fear and
worries in different degrees. By and large human beings lead a life of

sets in as soon as there is comparison and our decisions are influences by this
comparison. What we call intellect is actually that nature of mind where which is
prone to taking decisions based on suitability and convenience.

plagues all classes of people – all class of people – poor or rich,
intellectual or illiterate, knowledgeable to ignorant. Imagine this scenario –
When somebody comes across people who are from a relatively deprived class or a
level below them financially or in any aspect such as education, exposure etc.
they feel they are better than them, in the very next moment after assigning
relativity with other group of people who are found relatively better than them
they suffer from inferiority complex thus giving rise to frustration.

the other hand people who are free of relativity who do not let their thoughts
and actions vary with the presence of people from the broad range of socio
economic strata. These people lead their life in a matter of fact manner and
remain in their self imposed limitations, discipline, system and ethical codes
of life. They are more focused towards their thoughts, perception and actions
genuinely with integrity, awareness and concern.

How To Eliminate Relativity From Ones

person’s wisdom level should be conditioned enough so as to live through this
world of diversities, contradictions, illusions and relativity yet be firm,
stable, tranquil and happy.

is possible only by following a strong code of conduct.

  1. People
    of wisdom determine the needs of their life only on necessity basis and are never
    inclined towards their desires and aspirations or expectations.
  2. They
    never give in to the temptation to hold out comparison and competition with
  3. They
    are considerate, caring, helpful and generous to one and all.
  4. They
    can figure out the cause of any problem and simultaneously the solutions as
  5. They
    remain in absolute equanimity without duality.

they say is a rare virtue. And the shortest route to finding wisdom is to
eliminate relativity and duality from ones attitude and look out towards the
world around.

wisdom is attained, the circle of relativity remaining null and void and thus
the wisdom staying out in ones mind continues. Thus, one must accept circumstances
without brooding for too long.

scriptures it is said that nothing is beyond or above the virtue of contentment.
In this world if one can attain a contended state of mind, there remains
nothing more to achieve or possess in this world.

However, if nothing is left to possess or aspire in this world then one can go beyond the world where one can merge their soul with the higher soul thus completed the circle of life. And it is believed that once the meeting with higher soul is accomplished there lies infinite and everlasting peace, happiness, love and blissfulness.

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The thoughts and ideas described above are the wisdom of Dr. Surender Sagar.

Surender Sagar is a retired Deputy Regional Director from Department of
Atomic Energy. He is MSc in Geology and Phd in Volcanic Sciences.

He has contributed Research Papers on Uranium in Indian as well as International journals.

his retirement, he is ardently pursuing the path of spirituality
propagated by Reverent Baba Kehar Singhji Maharaj (Radha Swami Math,
Tarantaran in Punjab). This work of his is an amalgamation of lessons he
has learnt from his Guru, and by observing his own life and the lives
of those around him.

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