Tribulations In The Times Of Corona Lockdown

Today I am going to take a break from the back breaking schedule of editing Life Lessons from Dr. Sagar and just let myself lose.

In these trying times of Corona Lockdown that is already a month old in this part of the globe, I let my fears flow free and published something on my Facebook timeline. And then it set me thinking. I realised I wanted to write much more and say a lot more.

And so, today I am going to share the same piece. I dread calling it a poem or anything on the lines, because I almost never do that kind of writing. Yet here I am trying to surmise my state of mind on day 30 of Corona Lockdown

Hola people of the Universe!
People cooking, People working out,
People attending Zoom parties,
People learning a new skill or a tout,
People working from home,
People just holding up a nice heart-warming pout.

I am holding up too,
But I am also kind of haunted
How the daily wagers might be doing,
The thought keeps me daunted
How the ones quarantined are keeping hope
Is there anyone locked down in their hells, who needs to elope

I know overthinking doesn’t help,
Yet the thoughts nag me day and night
There is enough on my shelf
Yet nothing that can provide any respite.

I smile for my kids,
and I smile for my family
I smile for myself,
Console that this phase is just an anomaly

I need a distraction,
lest might go mad
I go about the chores listed and anew
Do everything that comes under my hand

I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel
I know the worse shall pass
Yet fear grips me sometimes
And I want someone to shrug me out of my trance

In the post era,
This world will not be the same place
But there is nothing that I can do
Only that I keep away from the menace

While the Earth heals itself
and Humanity leaves a mixed bag of trails
I blink hard and shudder within
Thinking of certain callous travails

A month of lockdown today
And no chance of knowing what lies beyond
I sigh and look around for my laptop
And type out with a lot of courage but without a single sound

For noise lies within my head
And there’s so many of you I haven’t yet met
Still I send you all my hello
And go back to sob into my pillow

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