Virtues – The Foundation Of Spiritual Well Being

As per Aristotle’s definition, Virtue
is the character traits and tendencies to act in a particular way.  

Virtues are a specific set of
tendencies that are an individual’s prerogative and define her personality. It
is through the virtues that she holds that people will be able to predict her
personal reactions to a situation.

Comprison between Values and Virtues

While the concepts Values and Virtues
seem eerily overlapping, the basic difference lies in how we look at our values
and virtues. Values have a cultural context and have an influence over personal
will. Values can acceptably vary based on the culture you are trying to
function in.

But virtues are extremely
personal and more often than not leave no room for cultural trade off. Virtues
are individual capacities to endure in different circumstances of life and are
not influenced by the cultural set up.

Following Virtues – A Matter Of Personal Choice

Virtues are not ingrained in our character at birth. As we
grow up and develop an understanding of the world’s ways, we pick on the virtues
we want to inculcate in our life. The three factors that have maximum influence
on our virtue building journey are

Our Value System


The Spiritual Quest to Be a Better Version Of

Virtues are not meant to help one achieve any materialistic benefits.
The benefits of being virtuous are more on a divinatory level.

For those who believe in re-incarnation of souls, attaining
ultimate virtuousness is a journey of an individual to free oneself from the
cycle of re-births.

But for a normal person who does not believe in the above
concept of reincarnation, virtuousness is a way of detaching oneself from the
vices of Duality and Relativity.

Duality – A person’s varied reactions in similar situations based on
personal biases.

Relativity – A person’s varied reactions to varied situations, persons etc.
determined by personal aspirations.

The ultimate goal of virtuousness is to eliminate the ‘varied’
reactions in any circumstance, against any person not taking into account
personal aspirations or biases.

What Virtues To Follow

As mentioned above the choice of virtues to pick and
practice is completely a personal choice. But various philosophers and
spiritual teachers have laid out a list of virtues that help a person eliminate
duality and relativity from ones nature and live a life free of any vices.

Loving Kindness

Non-criticism and Acceptance





The above are only a few of the must have virtues for a peaceful life. Different schools propagate a differently extensive list of virtues they believe to be holding out the end objective of peaceful existence.

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The thoughts and ideas described above are the wisdom of Dr. Surender Sagar.

Surender Sagar is a retired Deputy Regional Director from Department of
Atomic Energy. He is MSc in Geology and Phd in Volcanic Sciences.

He has contributed Research Papers on Uranium in Indian as well as International journals.

his retirement, he is ardently pursuing the path of spirituality
propagated by Reverent Baba Kehar Singhji Maharaj (Radha Swami Math,
Tarantaran in Punjab). This work of his is an amalgamation of lessons he
has learnt from his Guru, and by observing his own life and the lives
of those around him.

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