Yogic Lifestyle For Today’s Youth

is not a practice, it’s a lifestyle.  The
objectives of Yoga as we all know are physical and mental wellness. But when
people take up Yogic Lifestyle, they are continuously focused on conscious
shaping of attitudes, habits and actions. 

Lifestyle has much more to it than the Yoga and the asanas that are gaining
popularity across the globe currently. It is about incorporating long lasting
lifestyle changes that help you live a more fulfilling life. Do more, achieve
more and feel more.

What is the Yogic Lifestyle

A yogic lifestyle includes paying attention to four
different aspects of one’s life and living combined.

These aspects are Gaining energy, Conserving Energy, Increasing
Energy and Consuming Energy.

Gaining Energy

What you put in your body is what will give you energy.
Having a nourishing satvic diet is a prerequisite to gaining energy. Having
meat free diet has been proven to have unprecedented effects that make ones
body more vibrant, energized, calm and grounded throughout every challenge.

Conserving Energy

Relaxation is the key to conserving ones energy. To have enough
sleep, do relaxing exercises and indulge in other relaxing practices such as
listening to music, reading books and most importantly meditation play a
significant role in chanelizing one’s energy for constructive activities only
without wasting it away on non-productive avenues.

Increasing Energy

Embracing the five elements of the universe i.e. earth,
fire, water, air and sky causes the human mind and body to assimilate more
energy within. It also gives one the power to follow the virtues that stir away
greed and wantonness. Making one content with one’s life.

Consuming Energy

As per Yoga, your energy should be consumed only to follow
the path of truth and righteousness. This can only be done when our actions are
directed towards helping others, staying away from energy draining

Another aspect of wisely consuming energy is following the
path of non-duality and giving up relativity. When we follow the path of truth,
and non-biased decision making we make sure to conserve our energy that can be
put to use in places where it is actually required.  

How To Live A Yogic LifeStyle

One need not jump into the river without equipping oneself
with the required skills (swimming) or equipment (something like a snorkeling gear?)

To embark on the journey of a yogic lifestyle, one must take
baby steps.

Start with breathing exercises. Pranayam is said to have magical powers. It
is also like a magnet that invites positive energy that will help you persevere
your endeavor towards a yogic lifestyle.
Watch out for your Breathing patterns. The significance of breathing and
being aware of your breathing patterns cannot be over emphasized. Your
breathing patterns can be both an indicator and a solution for your anxiety.
Stay in The Present. Worrying never solved any problem. Try and remain in
the current moment and make continuous efforts to equip yourself to face all
kinds of adversities. It is only your actions and your efforts in the current
moment that are in your control. Focus on NOW.
Embrace Your Surroundings. The idea behind yoga and yogic philosophy is to
be thankful for everything that the nature and universe has given to us. Through
Yoga we become one with nature and with universe which in turn provides optimum
energy to conduct a virtuous life.
Develop Virtues. Decide a set of virtues you want to be defined by. Live by
them, be known by them. Practice them all the time and create an identity that
will stand by you. In this manner the universe will always know where your
energies are directed and will come back to help you whenever you need the

There lies a yogi within each of us. We only need to embrace
our inner yogi by breaking free from egotism, duality  and relativity.

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