A Ballad of Hope Amid a Time of Disaster: Humanity’s Spiritual Revival

The year was 2020
The world was plagued by a pandemic
that inflicted mass casualties across the land
Countless millions watched in horror
As loved ones fell victim to the virus
Many more struggled to find work and food
As the world’s exploitive economy
Suffered a catastrophic collapse…

Meanwhile, corrupt and greedy politicians
Stood callously by
As the number of homeless citizens multiplied and starved around them
With little assistance coming from their maniacal rulers
Some people resorted to looting and organized crime
To get their needs met…

But set against this backdrop of death, fear and deprivation
A movement of higher consciousness was well underway
Driven into isolation to control the deadly virus
Citizens of the world came to have gratitude
For all the little things they’d taken for granted:
Smiles from passing strangers,
Sentimental hugs,
Uplifting time spent with dear friends and family
And the sweet joys of live song and dance
Were all things sorely missed and remembered

Such expressions of gratitude
So intrinsic to what it means to be human
Triggered cosmic waves
Of beautiful but unintended consequences
For humanity’s awakening amid this age of crisis…

Sequestered in their homes for months
Some discovered a love for art and creativity
While others found God in books and through online talks
From enlightened teachers…

Souls fortunate enough to have nature out their front door
Planted a garden or communed with the Earth
Through walking, swimming and biking
And, inner reflection became a powerful tool
to confront despair for many more…

The ancient practice of meditation underwent a resurgence
As did faithful prayer and mindful attention
To each passing moment
And, the spirit of service
That was heartlessly neglected by society for far too long
Began bubbling within the hearts of each man, woman and child
once more…

The day came
When it was safe for all to emerge from their houses
But when they re-entered the storm of form
What they found was not the same world as before…

A revolution had been born
And seeds planted
As all showed a genuine love for one another
And displayed reverence for the Earth
Consuming less and communing with Her more

The Renaissance in art was felt
As Creative expression flourished
Like rivers flowing into the infinite blue ocean
For the first time in half a century
Young people everywhere
Chose to find meaningful work
Rather than chase the almighty dollar…

Of course,
Many day-to-day things remained the same…
Grocery stores were still frequented
Children still attended schools
And people still drove long distances
To see kindred spirits in kind—
But inwardly,
Humanity had awakened from its stupor
Of vanity, greed and self-absorption

Upon entering this new world
Every step felt lighter
And the sun seemed to shine
With a greater luminosity
To herald the coming
Of humankind’s arrival
And to celebrate
Its most profound realization yet:

All things in life are ONE
And filled with the eternal bliss of the Universe
The age of crisis had given way
To humankind’s enlightenment
And the old adage that darkness gives way to light
Assumed a new and precious meaning
In this sacred season of spiritual revival.


image: Pixabay

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