6 Reasons to Incorporate Native Ads into your Marketing Strategy


Native advertising is a powerful tool for content distribution

If you’ve been doing marketing for some time, content marketing is by no means an unknown concept for you. This marketing approach involves creating and distributing content to attract, nurture, and retain your target audience.

While the process of content creation is more or less clear – you need to know your audience and respond to their needs. Content distribution takes more effort (ideally). Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute says he spends 20% of his time on content creation and 80% on content promotion. You can’t tell CMI isn’t a successful project, can you?

So, if you want to do content distribution right, native advertising comes in handy. It’s built for content. It allows you to put your content in front of the most relevant audiences.

Moreover, you can easily align your native advertising campaigns with the content marketing funnel. Depending on what type of content you distribute with native ads, you can match different stages of the marketing funnel.

For instance, if you want to reach people in the awareness stage, you’d better go with a mix of educational or entertaining content and basic targeting options, such as targeting by location or device type. In case your campaign is aimed at reaching people in the consideration or decision stage, you should go with more product-centered content (case study, landing page, etc.) and more advanced targeting options, such as lookalike targeting or retargeting.

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