8 Good Problems Every Successful E-commerce Business Has


1. Struggling with Fulfillment

An order comes in, you pack it, you ship it. Ten orders come in, you pack them, you ship them, you treat yourself to a glass of wine with dinner. A hundred orders come in — what do you do? What about a thousand?

Fulfillment is one of the trickiest things to balance as an e-commerce owner because it’s one of the most important things to get right. Nothing makes a customer more upset than a delayed or incorrect order. However, at some point, you get so big you have to let go of some control – but hey, growing pains mean you’re growing, right?

There are a couple of points when you’re likely to face this issue. The first is when you transition from in-house to outsourcing your fulfillment. When your business becomes successful enough, it will no longer make sense to do it in-house, and instead, you’ll want to make the move to a third-party fulfillment company that can take care of fulfilling orders and shipping them for you. The second is when you outgrow your current fulfillment center and you need to look for one that can handle the increased demand, international shipping, kitting, or any other needs that aren’t being met. For both of these scenarios, you’ll want to use a checklist of questions to make sure that your prospective fulfillment center can handle your needs when you start hunting one down.

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