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Free Branding Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Know


Some Graphic Design Tips Before You Tackle Your Next Content Piece

Whether you are a growth hacker who has a design background or not, it’s good to revisit some basic graphic design principles before jumping into your next content piece.

Keep It Simple

Beautiful design doesn’t have to be complicated. Hence, when it comes to branding less is truly more. When we create and manage brand assets it’s easy to get carried away, subsequently wanting to incorporate everything from effects, gradient, icons, and images. However, try to avoid that urge and don’t make your branding pieces too busy. It’s simply a distraction and takes away from the message you are trying to communicate.

Be Consistent

It’s good practice to take some time to figure out what your brand message is. You can also do this before choosing the graphical representation for it. Your brand identity is, after all, comprised of everything from your logo, brand colors, fonts, icons, and imagery you use. And once you figure out what message you want to convey, you can then choose the design direction and be consistent. Also, use the same font(s) across all of your promotional channels, stick to the same type of images and filters and icons. As a result, this will give your brand a polished and professional look.

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