Fashion brands with zero carbon footprint

Many fashion-conscious consumers are seeking out environment-friendly fashion items that also offer zero carbon footprints. Everyone wants to buy clothing brands that will make them look good and at the same time allow them to feel like they are not adding to the problems of the earth. Also, it’s an added advantage if they can help some communities with sustainable livelihood as well.

London-based cult brand Gung Ho has designed a bold & brazen collection of wearable clothing called Food For Thought. Each piece contains secret messages and stories within its unique handdrawn designs. All pieces are handmade locally in London using sustainable fabrics that feel like 100% silk.


The designers chose the philosophy of eating seasonally and healthily as their inspiration. Also, they want consumers to become more aware of the food wastage occurring daily around the world, especially in developed countries.

This is simply because the outer produce of produce is not up to consumers’ aesthetic standards. For fashionistas who believe in sustainable food, this is their chance to wear their talk. They can buy knowing their purchases have zero carbon footprint as well.


Zero Waste Fashion Statement

British indie brand Mayamiko has a vision is to create a meaningful and guilt-free wardrobe with style. Mayamiko designers chose timeless shapes with a twist. They intentionally created pieces that fashionistas can use across the seasons.

Zero Waste Fashion Statement

The designer creates pieces using traditional and sustainable textiles. The line includes a variety of versatile cuts and silhouettes. Also, the designers added ties and buttons that can be shaped to fit one’s body. Moreover, they designed and produced these collections sustainably with a zero waste approach.

This approach covers every stage from design and pattern making. It even includes the process of upcycling any cutting room waste. Thus, consumers can wear these valuable items worn guilt-free and with panache.

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