Genova is now open to tourists

After a challenging spring, the Italian city of Genova is preparing to welcome tourists this summer. Local attractions and public services will be opening once more.


This is one of Genova’s key family-friendly attractions and it’s already open. The Renzo Piano-designed building will be equipped with body temperature screening at the entrance. Management is also installing signs for social distancing and hand-sanitising dispensers around the aquarium. Visitors will have to wear masks during the whole visit.

Guided tours are temporarily suspended. To avoid queues at the ticket office, the aquarium is recommending online purchase. They are also reducing capacity from 600 to 150 visitors for each time slot.

Genova is re-opening to tourists after COVID-19 pandemic


Genova’s iconic symbol, the Lanterna, reopened on May 19. To enter the museum, visitors will have to use individual protective devices. They will be required to use hand-sanitisers and to submit to body temperature screening.

The Lanterna is the first museum to use the FASTPASS System. This is an app that allows visitors to check in real time the waiting times for entry. They are able to choose the time slot to visit, to avoid congestion.

Visitors can admire the open air museum in the park. They can also climb the 172 steps leading to the first panoramic terrace of the Lighthouse tower. From here, visitors can enjoy the unique 360° view of the city and its port.


Palazzo Ducale in Genova

The Palazzo Ducale is the great cultural hub of Genova. It is soon reopening to the public too. Moreover, it has reduced ticket prices to encourage more visitors to come.

To maintain social distancing, the museum administrators have created an itinerary through the exhibition halls. Visitors will need to follow this route and use face masks. The cloakroom will be closed and guards will conduct body temperature screening at the entrance.


The romantic 19th century Villa Durazzo Pallavicini is also starting to allow visitors.

Only one person per time will be allowed into the ticket office. Furthermore, all visitors will be required to wear masks. The park operators will regulate the number of visitors. They will be outside the ticket office, standing one metre away.

The romantic 19th century Villa Durazzo Pallavicini of Genova is now open to visitors.


Genovese bars, restaurants and shops have also started to reopen. Visitors can now sip an aperitif along the seafront. Or they can enjoy a dinner with typical Genovese products. They can also go shopping in the stores along the medieval streets.


All 32 open-air markets in Genova are now operational. Authorities have imposed strict health and safety regulations. Vendors and customers must wear gloves and masks and observe floor signs. The floor signs indicate the required distance between customers.

Genova is now re-opening to tourists


The Airport of Genova is also enforcing measures for the maximum safety of travellers. Authorities will conduct body temperature monitoring for all incoming passengers. They have also installed special plexiglass panels at check-in desks.

In addition, they have placed signs on the floor to ensure distancing. Operators are also scheduling constant sanitization of public areas. They are also distributing hand gel to all airport visitors. In addition, there will be audio and visual alerts to raise safety awareness.

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