Things to do in Trentino, Valsugana and Trento

Fresh mountain air hiking and cycling

One of the most exceptional things about Trentino for me was even in Trento the fresh mountain air was obvious. If you have lived in large cities, you’ll know the one, where you can smell something but you don’t know what it is, and then you realise it’s just what nature should smell like.

I think this is why the region is such a popular hiking and cycling escape for so many Dutch visitors who, I can only imagine haven’t been sharing it’s charm as they don’t want the secret out! Countless paths criss-cross the region for mountain bikers and extreme hikers through to gentle slopes and leisurely walks for those who want to take their Trentino weekend at a slower pace.

Wine tasting at the Azienda Agricola Fratelli Pisoni

Wine tasting at the Azienda Agricola Fratelli Pisoni

Hiking and Wine Tasting between Lasino and Pergolese


Trentino Guest Card

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that if you book more than two nights accommodation in Trentino with a partner hotel, the Trentino Guest Card is included in the price. Providing regional transport on the buses and trains, access to many attractions and discounts to a selection of businesses it can help to reduce the cost of your Trentino escape.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with this region and I know I have only just scratched the surface of it but if you want to know more about planning your trip, check out my articles on Trento as a weekend getaway or learn more about the lakes of Valsugana. Trust me, Trentino is well worth a window on your busy travel schedule!

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