DIY Barista : homemade coffee

Homemade coffee culture is about enabling and empowering people to make better and high end coffee in the comfort of their own home. Trend Hunter Director of Content Jaime Neely shares her top picks for DIY barista, from java roasting workshops to coffee cooking classes and educational espresso kits.

If you have ever wondered how to roast your own coffee beans at home, an open class (no qualifications necessary) can help you make the most delicious homemade coffee you’ve ever had. Or if connecting with other caffeine enthusiasts is more appealing to you, the Angels Cup app provides a social network, plus related terminology, tips and tricks for the coffee-obsessed. On the other hand, for beginner coffee drinkers, there is the Coffee Nerd Starter Kit containing everything you need, like paper filters, a drip cone, mug and beans. Culinary adventurers might be more interested in the collaboration between Chef Phil Howard and Nespresso though.

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