Experiential Dining : experiential dining

These international experiential dining concepts are all about memorable restaurants where patrons feel fully immersed in the (often unusual) theme. Trend Hunter Senior Research Writer Jana Pijak discusses her top picks, from decaying restaurant decor to camping-themed cafes and even prison-inspired eateries.

The truly global nature of these experiential dining examples indicates people around the world want to focus on more than just eating food. In Tokyo recycled materials such as electrical wires and cables are used to cover furniture, creating a sci-fi and apocalyptic vibe while still being committed to sustainability. In Athens you can get the full-on, all-American camping experience by eating food prepared in a retrofitted Airstream trailer kitchen at picnic-like tables. Or for a more bizarre option, Beijing has a restaurant that looks like a jail, where guests can eat in a cell and have the option of being chained and shackled.

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