Feminizing Rugged : empowering girls

Empowering girls and women, especially millennials, is about equality and the opportunity to shine. Trend Hunter VP of Research Strategy Armida Ascano shares her favorite examples of feminizing rugged, from girly mountain missions to all-female football pubs and girls-only archery sets.

Branding interested in empowering girls with their products and marketing should focus on seeking authenticity with a transparent form of empowerment, offerings that truly challenge young women and advertising in a way that severs the tie between now and then.

Many brands are doing this well. Makeup company Benefit created a football-themed bar for only women, where as the Nerf Rebelle line tells girls they can be different and deviate from the norm. A video of a longboarding skate crew showcases teenage girls looking for extreme routes and having a lot of fun doing it.

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