Brewed Hot Dog Beers : uniquely brewed beer

The craft beer movement has inspired the creation of uniquely brewed beers infused with everything from cereal and berry muffins to leftover bakery bread and Sheetz is introducing an unusual brew for Memorial Day weekend. Project Hop Dog is indeed a beer made with Sheetz Hot Dogz and it takes the form of a limited-edition IPA that’s described as crisp. Although Sheetz Hot Dogz were actually added to the brew kettle just for fun, the beer doesn’t tasty meaty like a hot dog but “refreshing and dry with delicate hop flavors of citrus and pine.”

Project Hop Dog follows other unconventional brews from Sheetz, like its Project Coffee Hopz IPA and Project Blueberry Muffinz, and it promises to pair well with summer activities.

Image Credit: Sheetz

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