Extravagant Knit Face Masks : knit face mask

Icelandic designer Yr Johannsdottir is having an extravagantly artistic response to the COVID-19 crisis with her outlandish knit face masks. Although not intended for medical use, the design is geared toward “keeping people at a distance by displaying scary tongues and fangs.” Her studio is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

As a result, Yr Johannsdottir’s shocking knit face mask artistically facilitates a creature-inspired aesthetic and the elaborate creation is bound to capture the attention of those interested in statement fashion pieces—whether for personal use or display. In addition, the new designs can be connected to a sweater that Yr Johannsdottir made two years ago. The piece itself was “adorned with tongues that represent ‘love or lust.'”

Image Credit: Yr Johannsdottir / Gulf Today

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