There’s a “Dinosaur in the River!â€� – Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern speculates about what the heck is living in the Trinity River in Texas. A recent report of something prehistoric rearing it’s ugly, tapered, reptilian head has lead him to an explanation of alligator gar, a species of fish with rows upon rows of pointy teeth and a tendency to grow ridiculously big given sufficient lifespan. Next, in Giant Monsters of the Oceans and Seas , Redfern reviews the content of Sea Monsters Unmasked, written in 1883 by Henry Lee. He points out that nineteenth century monster hunting impacted the surrounding culture, even as the culture impacted what seafaring folk saw–or thought they saw–at sea. Since we’re unmasking lake monsters, how about Jeremy Wade and those Loch Ness Eels? His new series “Mysteries of the Deep” devoted 20 minutes of its first episode to exploring what lives in the depths of Loch Ness. (Spoiler Alert: Wade believes Nessie sightings are in fact giant eel sightings.) May stories of sea serpents be the most frightening thing you encounter this week. (CM)

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