Video: Albuquerque Man Raises Spirits with ‘Alien Automobile’

By Tim Binnall

Motorists in Albuquerque may find themselves doing a double take thanks to an unusual-looking ‘alien car’ cruising the streets of the city with an uplifting message for residents. According to a local media report, David Phillips’s unique vehicle had previously turned heads by virtue of it having been built from the parts of various different Mustang models from the 80s and 90s. Now the one-of-a-kind car is getting even more looks due to an eye-catching addition of the extraterrestrial variety.

In response to heightened tensions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Phillips decided to attach a rather sizeable alien doll to the vehicle in a manner that makes it look as if the ‘visitor’ is sitting on the trunk. The ET bears a sign which reads “Timeout Earth people. Help those in need. Have patience and smile. This will pass.” Showcasing the car for an Albuquerque TV station, Phillips stressed that his last bit of advice is particularly important during this troubling times.

“Smile, that’s the big one. That’s what it’s all about,” he mused, “Even though you don’t feel like it, smile. If you do it enough, it will become contagious.” Fortunately, there’s a good chance that anyone who might happen to spot Phillips’ alien-equipped is likely to do just that. Let’s just hope that the ET is well secured, since it might prove to be pretty enticing to sticky fingered fiends in search of an odd decoration for their house.

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