I’m Obsessed With Cetaphil’s Purifying Clay Mask And, Actually, I Just Want To Talk To Someone About It

It’s basically your new BFF.

“I am LOVING this stuff. Where has it been my whole life?! I use this every few days and I think it’s dramatically helped my oh-so-big pores. My face feels smoother, not as greasy, and I get smaller pores. Hallelujah!” —tmeg

“I absolutely love this product! I had acne scars from years of teenage acne, and I still have hormonal adult acne. This clay mask significantly reduced my redness, minimized my pores, and even took away some of my scars! I can see my skin improving even days after usage. Since I have sensitive skin, it does burn at the beginning of the application, but it costs to be beautiful! LOL. When I slightly dampen my face before I apply the mask, the stinging is reduced. Dermacontrol is worth every penny!” —Ses

“Works great. Thick and goes on easy. My skin feels soft and refreshed.” —Amazon customer

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