In a legal first, a Toronto teen has been charged with terrorism for his alleged support of the misogynist “incel ideology” in the daylight stabbing death of a 24-year-old woman at a North York massage parlour earlier this 12 months. : worldnews

Alek Minassian, the driver who killed 10 pedestrians and injured more than a dozen others in the Younge Street van attack, told a Toronto police officer soon after his arrest that he had hoped to spark an “incel uprising.”

Well damn, I’ve known incels to be atrocious people for a long little while now. Seeing that they’ve told me to kill myself multiple times, bombarded my social media accounts with hate mail, harassed me, and are just generally assholes. But this is terrifying to read.

I’m glad this little idiot is getting charged with terrorism, because thats what these people are, terrorists. Look, I’m not too shook by them, I’ve dealt with worse. But they’ve been behind plenty of mass killings, and the first ever mass shooting in Canada, also the 2nd(?).

They’re not good people and should be treated as such. Nobody is oppressing them, but they’ll never see it that way. God fucking forbid they ever move out of mommy & daddies basement.

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