More Than 400,000 People Have Signed A Petition Calling For Dominic Cummings To Be Sacked : worldnews

Dominic Cummings returned to work after he was experiencing symptoms. He never sought childcare in his local area. He travelled 260 miles, with at least one refuelling stop, to “self-isolate”. 15 days after showing symptoms he “tested his eyesight” because he “couldn’t see properly” by driving an hour-long round-trip to a castle on his wife’s birthday with his young child in the car.

Whatever way it is dressed, he broke the regulations on self-isolating. He fundamentally violated the “Stay at Home” message by crossing the whole country, and in doing so he has jeopardised lives by giving those selfish individuals like him a licence to run around freely.

His arrogance in refusing to resign is distracting, it is undermining the government’s credibility and messaging during a public health crisis, and ultimately it is ridiculously insulting.

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