Up to 30% of patients who are seriously ill with coronavirus are developing dangerous blood clots, according to medical specialists. : worldnews

The real question! I’ve read it’s as high as case by case 20% from people who are full of shit, but if we look at raw ICU numbers it’s probably closer to about 4% and usually that clusters in fats and olds selectively. It’s hard to know, because we can only speculate and look at micro studies like the two ships that are had a death rate of under 1%, but still killed otherwise healthy people. There are too many unknowns right now, but it does appear from population to population to hit some people harder regardless of their age or underlying health. For those in that catagory who ALSO are fat and or old, they end up in the ICU or hospital. So if you were to infect American Samoa for example, you’d kill like a lot of them. If you infect Sweden, you kill very few. Some even speculate O vs A blood might be a factor. No one knows.

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